Monthly Archives: November 2011

We have just finished birthday season in the Jennings’ household. Three birthdays in ten days, two of them consecutive. A time of great joy and merriment ? A house filled with birthday laughter? No. For me, birthday season over equals sigh of relief. Don’t tell those involved, but I loathe the end of November. In fact,… Continue Reading

Two days ago something bad happened. My husband got to say ‘I told you so’. These four words form perhaps the single most irritating phrase known to marriage, irrelative of whether that marriage is happy, unhappy or indifferent. It carries a trite smugness about it, designed to make you want to drive a butter knife into… Continue Reading

I was at Wimbledon with a friend this Summer. We’d had a glass of Pimm’s. It was sunny. We were giggly. We couldn’t find the entrance to our seats. “Don’t worry,” I said. “I’ll ask that lovely looking young man with the helpful looking badge”. “Hi there,” I said to him, flashing my best I’m-all-dressed-up-and-without-the-kids smile…. Continue Reading

I have not been a great mother this week. Sadly, I have not been a great writer this week either. Or a great wife. It’s been a dodgy week for greatness, or even mediocrity to be honest. The annoying thing is that on paper the potential to be a great mother was high: two events… Continue Reading


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