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It’s nearly upon us, New Year, and with New Year comes New Year’s Resolutions. Our annual character self-assassination. Regret-soaked promises to change for the better. Our vows to work harder at being perfect, become a 21st century interpretation of Michelangelo’s David, ideal in every way, golden in proportion, honed, serene, and universally venerated. We stare… Continue Reading

The bread and cranberry sauces are made and in the freezer (Delia said it’s okay, so panic not). An army of mincepies sit patiently in cake tins. And I’ve just ordered my husband’s present, which should (fingers crossed) arrive on the 24th. There are, however, a few things I need to do, for example, restock the… Continue Reading

Last week, whilst helping out at school, my sister heard a teacher say the following: ”would the two shepherds at the front PLEASE stop using their crooks as machine guns.” You gotta love nativity plays. A few days previously, my smallest daughter was due to find out what part she was playing in her primary school’s production of that well-known classic: Christmas with… Continue Reading

We have just experienced four weeks and six days without a washing machine. From the moment our Hotpoint stopped working it’s been a trial of patience. The saga itself is dull, merely a catalogue of failed diagnoses and screwed up deliveries that most of you will recognise. But living without a washing machine for five weeks… Continue Reading


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