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It’s my birthday in a couple of weeks. I’ll be nearly-40. I’m not sure if being nearly-40 is any worse than being nearly-nearly-40. I’ve not minded being nearly-nearly-40 much. I mind being wrinkled and saggy, having sore knees and a back that twinges when I sit cross-legged on the floor. I mind having to hold… Continue Reading

I have a confession. I love a good anagram. My husband on the other hand thinks they’re ‘a bit twee’. But what can be sweeter to the pun-tuned ear than Mother-In-Law turning into Hitler Woman? ‘Eleven plus two‘ equalling ‘Twelve plus one’? What can be neater than Guns and Lies combined being Ugliness? Or Election result becoming… Continue Reading

While reading The Tiger Who Came to Tea to my daughter recently, it dawned on me that it’s actually the allegorical tale of a Stay at Home Mum who’s had one of those days. I’ve been that woman. I know how her day went. October half-term. Raining. She’s run out of let’s-have-fun things to do with her… Continue Reading

For those of you who know me, you might well be confused by the title. What? Amanda writing about fashion? Vintage fashion? Odd indeed. It’s another tag gauntlet. Right, vintage clothes… Well, I can safely say I know nothing. Nada. Sweet feck all. To me vintage fashion means old Gap jeans and a skanky misshapen… Continue Reading

I’ve just reread Stephen King’s On Writing. I’ve now read it four times start to finish. It’s simply one of the best books I’ve found on the writing process and being a writer. King chats with his reader, as if over a coffee and slice of Victoria sponge, generously imparting his immense knowledge and encouragement. It’s an… Continue Reading

This morning I was tagged. I didn’t know what tagging was. The person who tagged me is a new friend.  I’ve only known her for a few weeks. She makes me laugh daily, but I wouldn’t recognise her if I passed her on the street. I met her on Twitter. Yep. I know, how odd,… Continue Reading


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