Monthly Archives: February 2012

So Ed Sheeran did quite well at the Brits, didn’t he? I felt a bit old watching him perform though, like my mum or gran, wishing aloud he’d put a smarter shirt on, brushed his hair a bit, maybe even shaved. Anyway, the boy seems sweet enough and plays the guitar nicely, in that kind of way a sixteen… Continue Reading

The trouble with holidays is they come to an end. We’ve just arrived back from the French Alps. A week of breathtaking scenery, fantastic skiing, loads of family time, great friends, lots of laughing, too many vin and chocolat chauds, pommes frites, baguettes with French butter (how can another country’s butter taste so sublime?), and… Continue Reading

A blog tag. This time to reveal 7 facts about myself as done by We Love Peas (who tagged me). This is without doubt self-indulgent, but here goes… 1. I hate raw tomatoes. This isn’t necessarily a secret, everyone who knows me well knows this. But I consider this fact to be fundamental to who I am…. Continue Reading


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