Monthly Archives: March 2012

My eldest daughter has never had a tantrum. That’s not ‘she’s never had a tantrum apart from that one in the sweet shop when I said no to the Haribo eggs’. She’s never had one. My middle daughter made a few pathetic attempts, but they were really rather useless, more of a wobbly bottom lip… Continue Reading

Last Thursday saw International Women’s Day grace our calendar. I have mixed feelings about this. I like that it’s an ear-marked moment to celebrate the distance women have travelled on the journey of female empowerment in the last century, but I also find it depressing that in this day and age there are still so many… Continue Reading

As a confirmed Francophile there is little I don’t love about France. The wine, the food, the art and architecture, and also the language. Sadly, I don’t speak it as well as I’d like to, and, according to one friend of mine, the paltry bit I do speak, I speak with a ridiculous ‘French face’. (Picture a… Continue Reading


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