Monthly Archives: May 2012

People love words. Some love them more than others, admittedly, but to all of us language is important. If I was to randomly pounce on people in the street, and ask them to tell me their favourite word, I wager that after getting over the initial scare, almost all would be happy, willing, and able… Continue Reading

My sister is very good at plants. She’s not just good at plants, she’s good at knowing where plants should go in the garden, what water features will look nice near which plants, what kind of seating you put next to plants, and what flowers to plant if you want squashy bumblebees buzzing around your… Continue Reading

I think I’m on the cusp of a mid-life crisis. This has worrying ramifications. Firstly, I’m only nearly-forty, which means my life expectancy is now not-quite-eighty. Without wanting to sound spoilt, I was rather hoping for more. Secondly, I’m concerned that if this mid-life crisis continues I will have to run a marathon, something I’ve… Continue Reading


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