Monthly Archives: June 2012

I’ve written four novels. Two of them managed to find an editor and get published. I am currently trying to write Book Three, which is proving tricky. But hopefully things will work out. I have everything I need – the ingredients of the book – piled in front of me. I’ve spent months developing characters… Continue Reading

A friend of mine, Cathy Dreyer, asked me if I’d like to join her in an invite-only public reading that happened a few days ago. Cathy has just finished a Creative Writing course, and is a very talented writer, who has worked as a journalist, is now a copywriter, and is currently writing her first… Continue Reading

… It had been raining day and night for most of the last two weeks. Certainly it had been non-stop yesterday and the day before and the day before that. The newspapers said it was the wettest June in fifty-six years. This made her laugh because every June was always the wettest June in whatever… Continue Reading


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