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On Thursday I was asked to be a guest panellist on BBC Radio Berkshire Culture Panel. I have to admit to being slightly, um, how to describe it, ah yes, cra**ing it. With the run up to Sworn Secret’s publication I have done little else other than respond to comments, write blog posts and articles… Continue Reading

The launch went so well. I loved every minute. I joked that it was like my wedding only there was no new husband to share the attention with! The weather was sunny, the wine was cold, and I got to sign books until my hand felt as if it was falling off! I was also… Continue Reading

My goodness me – this day has been a long time coming. The reviews are great and it’s made the Best Summer Books list on I will post the reviews on my ‘Books’ page as they come in, some are already posted and’s list is also there. Pop over check them out!! It’s… Continue Reading

Watching our nation come together over the past few weeks has been one of the most uplifting times of my life. From the moment the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games, London 2012, acknowledged our bucolic, industrial, literary, musical, glorious multicultural heritage in a stunning display of eccentricity and humour that we Brits pride ourselves… Continue Reading


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