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Page 3. It’s alright, isn’t it? Bit of harmless fun, isn’t it? What’s the problem? I’m just a middle-aged feminist getting her granny-sized control pants in a twist because younger, slimmer girls choose to bare their gravity-defying boobs for the boys. Jealous because my once-were-passable boobs that have fed three children now hang around my… Continue Reading

We all like our children to come home with their uniform but – and such is the point of uniform – it all looks the same. Therefore, if you’re an excitable small child or a distracted teen, the chances of picking up something that doesn’t belong to you, when your mind is otherwise occupied with… Continue Reading

Last night was the launch of Sworn Secret at Goldsboro Books. My goodness what a great night! Goldsboro Books, owned and run by the marvellous David Headley, was the perfect place to hold it. Slap bang in the centre of London, a stone’s throw from Leicester Square, nestling between St Martin’s Lane and Charing Cross… Continue Reading


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