Monthly Archives: April 2014

  I’ve just dropped my husband at hospital. He’s having back surgery and will be in for four to five days. I’m happy he’s having the surgery – he’s been in a lot of pain for eight months – but I’m also worried for him, as any person would be when someone they care about… Continue Reading

On May 1st The Judas Scar (aka Pesky Book 2) is being published by Cutting Edge Press. I am excited and terrified, proud and anxious, all in one mixed up mess. But now, today, I get to share its beautiful cover and suddenly we are one giant, thrilling step closer. The cover is fantastic. It’s… Continue Reading

  I tagged Tamar Cohen in this writer’s meme but sadly she is blogless. So I offered her mine for the day. Tamar is an author who writes in a similar vein to me, and was kind enough to read a review copy of The Judas Scar and then even kind enough to say she… Continue Reading


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