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Julie Cohen and I have a few things in common. We both went to the same college at university, we both live in Reading (or near enough), we’re both writers, we both think Cillian Murphy is a bit fit. She is also a woman and we’re about the same height. There are differences though. She… Continue Reading

The Judas Scar came out on May 1st and since then I have answered lots of questions on it, written blog posts and a few articles, and seen many (lovely) reviews. Lots has been said on the dark themes that run through it – the bullying, the repercussions of childhood trauma on adulthood, the effects… Continue Reading

This is a new thing. An Author Talking…thing. I’m hoping to host it every now and then so you can get an insight into the hearts and minds of fellow writers and their idiosyncrasies, and learn about their books and writing processes. Since having my first book published nearly two years ago, I’ve been lucky… Continue Reading


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