A Poem by My Granny

It’s my gran’s funeral today. The whole family are together, going through photographs, preparing food and drink for after the service, sharing stories and hugs. I found this poem in a pile of papers. My mum says Gran wrote it a few years ago (she was 99 when she died last week). It’s about, erm, Viagra…

Ode To Viagra

His courting days were over,

His little light was spent.

What used to be his pride and joy

Was now embarassment.

However, to the Doc he went

And to his consternation

He was able to perform again

And gain rejuvenation.

by Joan Hancock, aged 91.


3 Responses to A Poem by My Granny

  1. Jen says:

    Fantastic poem! Beautiful even! I hope I am writing such witticisms when I am 91. Thinking of you all today. Jen x

  2. Nacera says:

    hahahahahahah! fantastic woman!. I like the “Ode to ” for obviously she seemed to have enjoyed the side effects… May she rests in Peace.

  3. Dawn Crooks says:

    What a woman. Her tenacity and love for life with humour obviously rubbed off – I hope you read it out in church – she’d have been howling along with you!

    Much love.

    Dawn xxx

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