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I love squid. Eating them, rather than hanging out in the ocean with them. I have so many rich memories of holidays in Greece and Spain, eating piles of squid, cut into pieces, dipped in light batter, fried and served with a wedge of lemon, the sun beating down on my back, a cold glass… Continue Reading

  I’ve just dropped my husband at hospital. He’s having back surgery and will be in for four to five days. I’m happy he’s having the surgery – he’s been in a lot of pain for eight months – but I’m also worried for him, as any person would be when someone they care about… Continue Reading

On May 1st The Judas Scar (aka Pesky Book 2) is being published by Cutting Edge Press. I am excited and terrified, proud and anxious, all in one mixed up mess. But now, today, I get to share its beautiful cover and suddenly we are one giant, thrilling step closer. The cover is fantastic. It’s… Continue Reading

  I tagged Tamar Cohen in this writer’s meme but sadly she is blogless. So I offered her mine for the day. Tamar is an author who writes in a similar vein to me, and was kind enough to read a review copy of The Judas Scar and then even kind enough to say she… Continue Reading

  I was tagged in the blog hop by the lovely Claire Dyer, very talented author of The Moment and newly released The Perfect Affair, and also Cathy Dreyer, writer of a brilliant blog, Shortcircuit, documenting her walking of the same walk every day for a year. So, four questions to answer… What am I… Continue Reading

Dearest Girls, So, I think it’s a bit of an odd time for women at the moment. On one hand it looks like women can have it all, yet the news is full of things I don’t understand. Half-naked women rub breasts with statistics that say 1 in 3 girls are sexually harassed at school…. Continue Reading

Winter is on its way. Today’s rainy dog walk was the first time this year cold enough for me to pause and wonder if I should have worn gloves. It’s time to think about my Winter Writing Wardrobe. Sitting for hours on end, staring hopelessly at a screen, is chilly work. Mr Jennings has the… Continue Reading

On Friday I was on a train coming home from Cornwall, child-free and supposedly working, but instead reading a copy of The Times kindly discarded by a fellow passenger, when I came across an article offering ‘parenting advice’. I disagreed with the article so vehemently it prompted me to dust off my blog and get… Continue Reading

Today is the publication day of the lovely, and very talented, Tamar Cohen’s brilliant third book, Someone Else’s Wedding. It was the perfect excuse to meet up at lunchtime for a cheeky drink (ok, maybe a few…) with her and two other fab authors, Veronica Henry and Fanny Blake. There are definitely worse ways to… Continue Reading

I’ve just finished reading a book. It’s one of those books that you read as an author and think: damn, why didn’t I write that? The answer, of course, is that you are a different person with a different outlook, different experiences, a different imagination. I write emotional, dark-themed family dramas. I’m fascinated by emotions…. Continue Reading


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