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Last week I was delighted to announce I’ve signed a deal with Orenda Books to publish my third book, In Her Wake. I thought I’d share the press release from the Book Trade News: “Press Release: Deals Done Orenda Books Signs New Amanda Jennings Thriller Posted at 5:17PM Friday 12 Jun 2015 Karen Sullivan, publisher… Continue Reading

It’s finally here, publication day for Pesky Book 2 AKA The Judas Scar. Cutting Edge Press have done a grand job and have produced a book with a stunning cover, I couldn’t have hoped for better reviews from press and book bloggers (some of which you can find on this website under the Books/Judas Scar… Continue Reading

  I was tagged in the blog hop by the lovely Claire Dyer, very talented author of The Moment and newly released The Perfect Affair, and also Cathy Dreyer, writer of a brilliant blog, Shortcircuit, documenting her walking of the same walk every day for a year. So, four questions to answer… What am I… Continue Reading

Yay! Back-flip! Whoop, whoop, I’m free! I’ve finished my book and handed it in for my Lovely Agent to have a read. A year of work and it’s done. (At least for the moment…I’m sure there will be plenty of change to make.) I actually wrote THE END. Hooray! That’s what I should be feeling… Continue Reading

Since publishing a book, one of the questions I’m asked most frequently is: ‘Where do you get your ideas from?’ It’s an interesting question because, for most authors I think, the truth is the ideas are just, well, there. Constantly. Like rather irritating ghosts. I might wake up in the middle of the night with… Continue Reading

With the launch date of Sworn Secret rapidly approaching my time is being sucked up in all sorts of ways. I am writing blog posts for a Blog Tour that I’m doing, answering questions for interviews, saying yes to appearing on BBC Berkshire, organising two launch events, trying to finish my second book, oh, and… Continue Reading

A friend sent me a link to a post by Meg Rosoff today. It’s a great post about keeping true to yourself, and essentially not worrying what everyone else is doing, and when it comes to writing, not panicking about word counts, genres, or zeitgeists. If you want to write about Cowboys and Indians, write… Continue Reading

I’ve written four novels. Two of them managed to find an editor and get published. I am currently trying to write Book Three, which is proving tricky. But hopefully things will work out. I have everything I need – the ingredients of the book – piled in front of me. I’ve spent months developing characters… Continue Reading

A friend of mine, Cathy Dreyer, asked me if I’d like to join her in an invite-only public reading that happened a few days ago. Cathy has just finished a Creative Writing course, and is a very talented writer, who has worked as a journalist, is now a copywriter, and is currently writing her first… Continue Reading

I have three children. I’m not talking about my daughters here, no, the children I refer to are my paper ones. The ones that have a beginning and an end and about a hundred thousand words between.  Number One, I am sad to say, I’m greatly ashamed of. In fact, I’m so embarrassed by her… Continue Reading


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