In February 2015 Inconfessabili Segreti (Sworn Secret) reached #1 in the Italian Kindle Top 100.

In February 2014 Sworn Secret reached #4 in the Amazon Kindle Top 100.

Sworn Secret is published in the US by Harper Collins imprint, Witness, and reached the US Kindle Top 100

Inconfessabili Segreti was published in Italy by Newton Compton Editori, and was a Top 100 bestselling hardback.

 Sworn Secret was included in’s Best Summer Books 2012

“Debut novel of Oxfordshire author Amanda Jennings is unputdownable.” - read the full article in The Oxford Mail

“Sworn Secret pulses with real emotion – an intense, relentless story that leaves the reader sated with the author’s imagination and distinct characterisation. She displays clear understanding and articulation of the most complicated – and simplest – of human emotions.” - Dolly Jones, Editor

“A gripping story of grief, pain and love. Compelling and extremely readable – this story will stay with you for a long time.” - Radio MarlowFM Book Club

“I can’t praise this book enough, I couldn’t put it down and read it cover to cover in a day. I have to say I really think it has been my favourite read of 2012 so far.” - full review by Lou Graham

“…a brilliant, well-written and thrilling debut …” - full review by MamaJHearts

“This book was so wonderfully written and suspenseful.  I wanted to keep reading to find out what had happened to Anna, and better yet, how her family would cope.  It’s hard to believe this is Amanda Jennings’ debut novel, it was so fantastic!  I highly recommend this one!” - full review by Confessions of a Bookaholic

“I loved this book, it was beyond excellent and I shall be recommending it to all my friends.” - full review by City Girl Turned Suburban Mum

“The plot grips you from the outset and you find yourself being pulled in to every twist and turn. I found myself holding my breath in some places.” - full review by Mummy Barrow

When Anna, Lizzie Thorne’s charismatic sister, is killed in a tragic fall from the roof of her school, her family is plunged into shock and despair.

One year on and grief still has a suffocating hold on them. Her mother, Kate, consumed by loss and desperate to find someone to blame for Anna’s death, retreats from her family, locking herself away to paint Anna’s portrait for hours on end. Jon, her father, is doing his best to care for his loved ones but the pressure of trying to stop his marriage collapsing is pushing him to breaking point. And amid her parents’ turmoil Lizzie just wants to grow up and leave her sister’s ghost in the past.

But then a devastating revelation rocks her parents further still and raises questions concerning what really happened the night Anna died. While Kate and Jon grapple with their dead daughter’s secrets, Lizzie throws herself into a passionate but forbidden love affair that frees her from the heartache all around her – but also threatens to tear her family apart.


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